Tagging of Pelagic Predators

GTOPP Collaborators

GTOPP is, first and foremost, a collaborative endeavor initiated with Google Earth's vision for the oceans. This is a unique opportunity for our biologging community to build web-based tools that will ensure we pass a blue planet with ocean predators to the next generation. The links below are to the agencies, foundations and institutions who have helped us in this initial launch phase; however, it is inevitably incomplete and will grow with time. The goal is to build a community, sharing data, codes, and ideas across the blue planet focused on tagging, tracking, and protection of marine predators.






Tagging of Pacific Predators Tag A Giant Foundation Stanford University University of California Santa Cruz



NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Sea Mammal Research Unit Census of Marine Life


NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research OSU Marine Mammal Institute University of Auckland

Australian Institute of Marine Science Bradley Photographic Kate Spencer Sea and Sky

MBA 2color2line 01
Telonics Lotek Wireless Wildlife Computers Monterey Bay Aquarium


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